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Barton Legal is a leading law firm specializing in real estate, construction and engineering. Based in the UK, we serve clients nationally and internationally. Our personal and friendly approach is reflected in our commitment to providing legal advice with clarity and economic awareness. Business leaders have a legal responsibility to submit documents to Companies House. Failure to file the accounts and confirmation statement on time can result in the company being cancelled, fined, disqualified as a business manager, or even a criminal record. Record keeping in Companies House is called the use of the central register. This does not remove all the administrative burden that is otherwise associated with legal bookkeeping, as it is always necessary to actively inform Companies House of any relevant changes. Certain changes must in any case be notified to Companies House, such as appointments and dismissals of directors and secretaries, as well as changes in directors` data (including their home addresses). However, the use of the central register also requires that all changes be submitted to shareholders at the time they occur (and not just annually in the confirmation statement), and this is one of the reasons why the use of the central register may not be suitable for all companies. One of the administrative tasks that companies face is the obligation to keep their various records (often referred to as “legal books” or “business books”) up to date. The Companies Act 2006 requires by law the keeping of some of these registers, including registers of directors and secretaries of a company, shareholders and persons with significant control. Other registers, such as share allocation and transfer registers, are not mandatory, but are usually kept to “complete the picture”.

This shows the maximum and average number of mortgages for companies with the same SIC code of 69102 – Solicitors However, there is another option for private companies that allows them to keep all or part of their legal records (with the exception of a fee register) in Companies House. Articles published on this website that are current at the time of publication are for reference purposes only. They do not constitute legal advice and should not be used as such. Specific legal advice on your own situation should always be sought separately before taking any action. If you have any questions about the above information, please contact your usual partner or manager who will be happy to assist you. If you use our address as your registered office, we will continue to receive mail for your company. HMRC still publishes account reminders, business tax return applications and UTR letters. Companies House will continue to use the head office address to send criminal letters, important company communications and return incorrectly filed documents. They do not send emails other than system-generated reminders. BARTON COURT LIMITED is an active limited liability company, registered at Companies House under number 04729421. BARTON COURT LIMITED was founded on April 10, 2003 with its headquarters in Hayling Island.

BARTON COURT LIMITED has been operating for 18 years and 6 months. According to the latest confirmation statement filed on April 10, 2022, there are currently 5 active directors and activities related to the SIC code 98000 – Resident Property Management. Companies House will switch to email reminders and will no longer send paper reminders to company executives. They have been offering email reminders instead of paper notifications for many years, but postal reminders will stop now. It is important that business owners sign up to receive email reminders when they need notification or keep records of company filing days. How does this affect the email address of the company`s headquarters? For a complete and in-depth analysis of each administrator, click on one of the links below, if you would like to learn more about the use of the central registry or discuss whether or not it is suitable for your company, please contact Liz Barton, head of our corporate and negotiation team. The records required by law are usually kept at the company`s registered office or in a single alternative test location (SAIL address). Failure to receive a reminder by mail will not be accepted as a reason for late submission. Directors have a duty to know when their accounts and confirmation statements are due. Available until March 31, 2019.

The next accounts due by December 31, 2020 include risk score, credit limit, CCJ, mortgages and fees, directors` and secretaries` calendar, shareholders, property and the Stutik Group. No more UNLIMITED updates and FREE documents! This information is private and is only available in our reports. Last accounts submitted for the period of September 29, 2021 (12 months ago) The following considerations are relevant to deciding whether or not using the central registry is appropriate for your business: While many administrators know their data and may not want email reminders, there are several reasons to register with Companies House for email reminders. Sign up today to unlock this company`s full accounts with limited liability companies (LTD) and LPLs have typically sent out paper reminders throughout the year. This is usually done to submit your accounts and submit the confirmation statement in a timely manner. Companies House announced that it would no longer send paper reminders by mail; Paper recalls cost Companies House a staggering £1.2 million last year, the cost of which is now being reinvested in the various products and services. Next closings expected by March 31, 2022 by December 31, 2022 We are a leading law firm in the field of construction and commercial real estate with a strong international presence. Thanks to our experience and expertise, we offer a collaborative and dynamic approach to achieving fruitful results for our clients. To access some of these services, you will need the authentication code issued by Companies House. We may send your authentication code to the company`s registered address. Date of next declaration 20 January 2023 due no later than 3 January 2023. February 2023 What is the usefulness of this information? The company owns or operates properties that have a trade designation.

The company is liable for corporate tax rates / property tax and thus gives an indication of some of the company`s expenses and therefore the scope of the business. Some boards/authorities publish how long commercial payments have been paid since then and give data on how the business is established. In the UK, the company is unlikely to pay for the number displayed. Business rates are a complex system with many facilities available. Some organizations have exceptions to payment, for example, charities. To determine the exact responsibility, you should consult the report of the evaluation office. This list is probably not an exhaustive list of all properties, as around 100 of the UK`s 443 local governments publish information on corporate tax rate liabilities.