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I also became a life member in the 90s. Is it still true that you will never have to pay entrance fees again? I wanted to participate recently and talked to them on the phone for over 45 minutes before finally hanging up. They seem to have forgotten this benefit. I am a life member and have to weigh for April, but due to Covid19 I cannot weigh this month. Do I have to pay if I leave in May or June? Hi Monica, WW Lifetime members who are above their target weight must pay the monthly fee until they are no more than £2 above their goal. They will also have to pay the weekly fee if they don`t weigh at least once a month. I hope hlpes. Tell us a bit about your experience with Weight Watchers. I started 12 years ago. It worked and I lost weight. I followed the program very strictly, exercised, did everything I was supposed to do, and also had the pressure of my impending wedding – the day I walked down the aisle was the lowest weight I`ve ever had.

If you stay within 2 pounds of your target weight and weigh once a month, you become a lifetime member, and you don`t have to pay the monthly membership fee and you get the free smartphone e-tools to help you keep track of food and points (it`s all about points), search for restaurants, etc. They constantly change the points, and at some point my target weight went from 145 to 155. I am a life member well beyond the goal and would like to come back. Do I have to get involved every week and what about meetings? What is the cost of meetings now? “Lifetime membership is the greatest gift. I encourage my employees to persevere, because lifetime status will keep them fit for life. I stayed true to my goal because Weight Watchers helped me change the way I eat for life. “I am a life member and I was 0.4 above my goal. My credit card was charged 44.95. I guess for my application. Us, that for 1 month? Georgia I`m a little confused about the requirements to become a life member. Do you need to stay +/- 2 pounds of your target weight to keep your lifetime membership active? If so, it`s such a small window! I can fluctuate 4 pounds almost every day, depending on water retention, time of month, etc.

I can understand the 2 pounds ABOVE the target weight, but if I am 3 pounds BELOW the target weight, would I lose my status for life until I gain one pound? “The Weight Watchers website is very useful to me as a life member. The success stories remind me that the journey I started two years ago will never end. I remain just as alert and committed as I was as a beginner to avoid pitfalls. Sometimes it`s hard when there`s no target weight left to aim for – so I go to the side to get a boost. “Hey Martha, I`ve been a life member since the `90s. I have enabled and disabled the program for the ears. Finally, at 59, I decided to lose once and for all with Weight Watchers Online. I am now 60 years old and weigh less than 5 pounds than my target weight. My question is: can I manage online maintenance? Do I always have to count points? My goal now is to never have to go from weightlessness to weightlessness again, but not knowing how to maintain weight and fall back into old habits and develop a taste for the food I`m used to eating. Also, I don`t want to go back to my old eating habits, but sometimes I miss certain foods.

I avoid them so I don`t have to deal with them and I fear that this is my recipe for disaster. It took me 1 year to go from 210 to 124, my goal was 120 pounds. All my cholesterol, liver enzymes, sugar, etc. numbers are on target or below. I`m still taking blood pressure medication, but I`ve been cut in half and hopefully stop. So I was a life member like 4 years ago. But after I arrived, they took my vouchers that my employers and my doctor had paid. (What did not belong to them was told to me by my employer). ,, so I stop walking, now I`ve regained my weight and my job will always pay for me since I don`t have the $ to pay the fees you want, so my question is, can I get the insurance to let myself be fooled.

6 weeks of paid coupons and start with Weight Watchers or go to another program that my insurance will pay for I lost my weight and probably became lifetime thirty years ago. I used Weight Watchers digitally to get back to lifetime weight. Now I want to use the app for free, so I want to start weighing every month. My question is.. especially the first time I`m going to weigh… Do I have to leave in the first week of the month or can lifetime members join at any time or week? I wanted to go this Saturday, but it`s the second week of the month. Or do I have to wait until the first week of December? Thank you for any information. Were you really motivated to remain a life member? I was. I went back and forth.

I actually had the phone number on my computer, closed my laptop and opened it again. It was ridiculous. I just couldn`t call to cancel. It wasn`t because I would have to pay when I finished, but because I was a failure now. I failed. And it killed me. I agree with you! I lost 90 pounds with WW over 15 years ago and kept it until I gained a few pounds here and there. I`ve always regretted not staying in meetings and only working online.

A few months ago, I wanted to lose 5-7 pounds, so I attended meetings. I only had my life yesterday and I feel so blessed! There are many benefits to achieving lifetime status with Weight Watchers. As a lifetime member, you can attend as many meetings as you like anywhere in the world, as long as you weigh no more than two pounds above your target weight once a month. You are also eligible for a free subscription to an online eTools account. In your workshop, you may have heard people refer to themselves as “lifetime” members of WW. But what does that mean? We discuss how to get and keep your lifetime membership and get free workshops and digital tools. My husband and I were life members about 30 years ago, how can we find our numbers so we can re-register? As long as you stay ONLY online, you will still have to pay a monthly fee. I wish I understood that and could have planned to come back to meetings sooner.

Is there anything else you would like to add? Last week we spent a long weekend with the kids. My son and I both had Friday off and he wanted to visit this historic house that he had learned in school, so we went there and we are in this old house and there are things. Normally, I would have been nervous like, “DON`T TOUCH THIS! COME HERE! WALK AWAY! ». But I was totally calm – it was very different. I now realize that learning how to maintain your weight is just as difficult as losing weight, perhaps even more so because you no longer have a clear goal to achieve. Can you tell us about your relationship with food? How often do you think about it? It`s very different now. And it`s only been a month since I stopped. I don`t think much about it. I bring food to work that I really enjoy eating! I have breakfast. I have snacks. I love to cook and cook, but I wasn`t cooking when I was on Weight Watchers because I didn`t want to eat the food. After my first date with Annika, I went to a website and found a number of different recipes, and I had a different goal (I was looking for calories and protein), but this website also sets Weight Watchers points.

One particular meal I`ve prepared every week since then has 10 Weight Watchers points! I never thought about eating that – it`s like anything I would have eaten in a day, if any! According to my new guidelines, it`s perfect, in fact it`s a little less than what I should be eating for dinner. I can`t wait to research and find new recipes, go to the supermarket and buy them. It`s a completely new experience. I am slowly changing my relationship with food. Hi Deborah, I was able to get mine from Weight Watchers. You`ll want to call them. 1 (800) 651-6000. – Martha After leaving the historic house, the older one asked if we could go to a restaurant. Normally, I would have said: NO! First of all, I didn`t want to eat, I didn`t eat outside.

If we went somewhere, it would be somewhere like Panera`s where I wouldn`t have to eat and we could go get his food and leave. He wanted to go to dinner, and I said, “[long pause] okay, we can.” I took her to dinner. And we had been there for so long. With the waitress [long break] and I think it was the first time I took her alone. And they were fine, and I was fine. They were probably quiet because I was calm and didn`t worry about everything. And I really ate. I ate at dinner! And I`m fine [laughs]. I survived. It`s so little, but for me, it`s huge.

You can find a summary of your account in your account settings. Here you will find your next billing date and the amount due. Please note that you will continue to be billed monthly until you contact us to cancel. Access codes can only be used once. After first use, access to the electronic tools requires the username and password you selected during registration. If you are sure that your access code has not yet been used, please check that you: 3. If you continue to have problems, delete cookies from your browser. Still no luck? Call Customer Service at 1.800.651.6000. Yes, you knew it was coming. You must have breakfast! It`s called the most important meal of the day for a reason. Women who eat breakfast regularly are more successful in losing weight in the long term than those who skipped the first meal of the day. It`s best to eat healthy and fill meals regularly: eggs, Greek yogurt, and fresh fruit are all great breakfast options.

Always start with a good breakfast to avoid overeating or eating on special occasions and holidays. Use a monthly passcode and make sure you`re on the right login page. The passcode does not work if you use it for Weight Watchers eTools or Weight Watchers OnlinePlus login processes. If this does not help, please contact customer service and enter the access code exactly as it appears on your monthly pass starter voucher so that we can assist you.