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One of Zillow Group`s most popular recruitment programs is the Engineering Summer Internship Program. It includes all of our real estate brands, including Trulia in San Francisco. I feel like I wrote a blog post yesterday welcoming our 2017 Summer Engineering Interns when it`s time to start recruiting for 2018! What does it mean that interns must have at least one term or semester of study after completing their internship? As an intern at Zillow, you`ll have the unique opportunity to work on impactful projects that shape some of the most important moments in people`s lives as they find a place to call home. The goal of our internship program is to convert high-performing interns. Therefore, you can get an offer at the end of your internship, but an offer is not guaranteed. *IMPORTANT*To be eligible for an internship, you must have at least one semester or a quarter of school after completing the summer internship. As a Zillow intern, you can do meaningful work from anywhere in the United States. Enjoy the flexibility of staying in your university town, moving to the beach for the summer, or working in a mountain chalet – everything is at your fingertips! We`re reinventing traditional real estate rules – but that`s just the beginning. With the transition to a flexible workforce, we are also redefining the employee experience. Your internship will give you a first glimpse into life as a Zillow employee.

Our internship achievements mirror those we offer to our full-time employees! It`s not about running errands or picking up food for the trainees. Our interns have key roles in teams, work on real-world products and projects, and have an influential voice. Thus, during our interview process, we simulate real work. First, students interview engineers to talk about engineering and ask and answer questions. Then they divided into small groups to work on a specific project for a few hours. At the end of the day, they present their work to a larger group of ZG engineers. What types of degrees are eligible for internships? Call us biased, but we think we have the best internship program. In addition to competitive salaries and benefits, we offer temporary housing assistance in the form of a scholarship as well as a work-from-home scholarship to meet your remote office needs. During your internship, you`ll work with small teams on real-world critical projects that impact business performance.

As we prepare to visit several university campuses to meet with potential candidates, I thought I`d give potential interns and interested parties an overview of our process: Responsibilities include researching state public records laws and related jurisprudence to understand how these laws are applied at the state and county level. Strong legal research skills are essential, as is the ability to communicate results convincingly to Zillow`s legal team and various local government officials. Yes. Please apply for the internship of your choice and you will receive more information when you start the process. Are you interested in joining such a place? Applications for the 2018 Summer Internship Program are now open! Take a look at all the internship opportunities here: www.zillow.com/careers/ will I be assured of a job at Zillow at the end of my internship? We recommend letting us know if you already have internship experience, experience as a teaching assistant (TA), personal passion projects, and/or community service hours (in terms of your area of expertise is a plus). Join a group of passionate interns for an inspiring and educational summer! Zillow is seeking a part-time articling student to support a project at our Seattle office on public access to government records. *Number of interviews and duration of interviews by type of internship Events It all starts in the fall with job fairs. At trade shows, the majority of students who participate in our summer internship programs connect with Trulia. Students are also invited to information sessions and technical discussions that we host in our offices and on their campuses. In fact, this week we hosted a meeting for data science related to sustainability and conservation. Time spent at the office Each Zillow Group office has a different interview process. San Francisco is unique for a “Batch Day Onsite Interview” process for technical interns.

These interviews typically take place over a two-day period, during which we invite a group of students to our office for an immersive experience. Your degree cannot be completed before the start of your internship – you must have all credits remaining after the end of your internship. For example, Summer 2023 interns must graduate between December 2023 and June 2024. Does Zillow sponsor international students for internships? If necessary, you will be notified approximately 1 month before the start of your internship. The home plays a fundamental role in each of our lives, and we work hard to use our influence for good. We develop technologies and products that help more people get around. conduct research on fair housing and advocacy work that highlights and reduces inequalities; Prioritize our social impact initiatives and build community partnerships that drive positive change. This job was posted on June 24, 2015. Click here for more information. Product Management (MBA), Strategy and Operations (MBA), Human Resources (MS), Business (BA) Our benefits are a promise of support and security for each person who chooses to call Zillow at home, as well as for that employee`s family. We are committed to developing performance programs that create a sense of belonging. represent our dynamic, innovative and inclusive culture; and caring for our community through every chapter of life`s incredible journey.

How many internships are offered annually? Our efforts to streamline the real estate transaction are underpinned by a deep-rooted culture of innovation, our passion for redefining the customer experience, and a fundamental commitment to fairness and belonging. We are committed to fostering a culture that encourages people to share their ideas and get the support they need to turn those ideas into innovations that move our business forward. As the world continues its inevitable evolution, Zillow continues to lead the reinvention of real estate with a focus on our customers, employees, partners and communities. Zillow has always been known for leadership and innovation, and we`re always looking for new ways to make travel radically easier. Today, our vision is to create “the Super Housing App” – an integrated real estate experience that makes transactions more accessible, digital, transparent, inclusive and enjoyable for our clients. All majors related to computer science, design or economics. Software Development Engineering (BS/MS), Data Science & Analytics (BS/MS), UX/UI (BS/MS), Applied Sciences (MS/PhD), Computer Vision (MS/PhD), Zillow Engineering and Leadership Program ([ZEAL] BS, Sophomores) This position is only open to current law students who have completed at least one year and are interested in freedom of information and open government. and the desire to work in-house in a fast-paced, data-driven technology company. We are looking for someone who can start in the next month and is willing to continue 5-10 hours a week in the fall and maybe in the winter. Undergraduate and Graduates (Non-MBA) – Open September 2022Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Open October 2022Application deadline early 2023 We believe that inclusivity starts with the candidate`s experience. We recognize how we interact with underrepresented communities and improve our recruitment process to remove barriers and biases at all stages of the candidate experience.

We have also significantly expanded our university recruitment program to include historically black colleges and universities. We are on a mission to give our employees, customers and partners the opportunity to open the next chapter of their lives. We are very proud that our employees` feedback has earned us a reputation for having a rewarding, diverse, inclusive and stimulating environment. We have long said that our employees are our greatest asset and that our culture is a direct reflection of what is important to them. Don`t just take our word for it, check out our latest reviews on Glassdoor. Open communication At Trulia and Zillow Group, we value collaboration and transparency. We are looking for optimistic and forward-thinking innovators to join our team and believe that one of the best ways to find these people is to be transparent and available from the beginning, starting with the interview process. Bachelor`s degree or graduate degrees (Master`s degree, including MBA or PhD). 4 Tips for a Virtual Interview – Harvard Business ReviewSTAR Interview Response Technique – In fact, the Zillow Housing Super App is an integrated digital experience where Zillow connects all the fragmented parts of the relocation process and brings them together in a transactional platform.

From start to finish, our customers will be able to do everything within the Zillow ecosystem. *Schedules are general guidelines and are subject to change – apply now! What will help me stand out in the interview process? Summer is filled with exciting events, such as an executive speaker series; a Hack Week event, where you can put daily work aside to focus on a passion project; charitable projects; and more.